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I. Reading Comprehension (20 marks)
Read the following passage, then answer the questions: (10 marks)
Our sun is a star. A star is a huge ball of hot gases that gives off heat and light. It is made of gases called hydrogen and helium. The outside of the sun is 11,000 degrees Fahrenheit. The sun's surface is about 100 times as hot as the hottest day on earth!!! The sun is much bigger than the Earth. The sun looks small to us because it is so far away, about 93 million miles away from Earth. The sun is the center of our solar system. The solar system is the sun and the system of planets that go around it.

A) Complete the table about the sun:
Types of gases It gives off



B)Mark the following sentences with (√) or ():
1. A star is a small ball of hot gases. ( )
2. The earth is much smaller than the sun. ( )
3. The sun is the center of the solar system ( )

C) Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d:

1. The outside of the sun is. degrees Fahrenheit.
a) 11 b) 93 c) 100 d) 11,000
2. The sun looks small to us because it is very
a) far b) near c) round d) central
3. The sun and the system of planets that go around it make up the .
a) suns surface b) solar system c) hydrogen d) helium

Passage 2 (10 marks)

Read the following passage, then answer the questions below:

Dana Miller is a bus driver. She drives a bus in London city. She works the night shift. That means she starts work at 10:00 at night and gets off at 6:00 in the morning. Dana has been driving a bus for 15 years. She started when she was 23-years old. She loves her job most of the time. She gets to see the beautiful city from her seat. She gets to meet all kinds of people. Sometimes Danas job is hard. One time, a young woman left her sleeping baby on the bus. There was a note on the baby's blanket asking for help. Dana had to call the police. Another time, a teenage boy stole money from Dana on the bus. He had a fake gun. Dana thought it was real. She was very scared. Occasionally, driving the bus can be scary. But most of the time, driving the bus is great.

Choose the correct answer a, b, c or d:
A) The main idea of this passage is
a) Danas job b) London city c) a teenage boy d) a sleeping baby

B) Choose a, b, c or d to fill in the blanks.
1. The woman left a note on the babys.
a) bed b) pram c) blanket d) chair
2- Dana became a bus driver when she wasyears old
a) 10 b) 15 c) 20 d) 23
3- When Dana found the baby, she
a) called the police b) called the boy
c) stole money d) took it home

C) Choose a, b, c or d.
1- She (line 1) refers to.
a) London b) Dana c) the woman d) the boy
2- the word hard (line 6) means ..
a) easy c) nice d)fine d) difficult

D) Choose a, b, c or d to answer the questions
1. How long is Danas shift?
a) 6 hours b) 8 hours c) 10 hours d) 12 hours
2. What is one reason Dana loves her job?
a) She finds sleeping babies. b) She gets to call the police.
c) She gets to sleep during the day. d) She gets to meet all kinds of people

II. Vocabulary (15 marks)
A)-Choose the correct answer from a, b, c or d:

1- She was always cheerful and-----------------.
a)freelance b)outgoing c) average d) steep
2-Do you have any previous -------------of this type of work?
a-experience b-employer c-industry d-employee
3-Newspapers, magazines, and television are called -------------------.
a-service b-prize c-mass media d-personal profile 4-Dont be---------- come and say hello.
a-shy b-funny c-happy d-outgoing
5-How many people does the company---------------?
a-create b- sell c-employ d- solve
6-I will suggest a new -------------------of solving the problem.
a) desk b) method c) average d) sunset
7-Try not to let these problems -------------you too much.
a-prove b-affect c-explain d-increase
8-Some people feel that ------------on animals are wrong.
a) hypotheses b) experiments c)method d- data
1-We got up at-------------------yesterday.
a-sunrise b-field c-XXXXf d-file
10-When you boil water , you see ---------------.
a) dust b)column c) vapour d) average

B)-Write the words in their correct column

diploma Boss experience employer degree
people Job requirement


III. Grammar (20 marks)
Select the correct answer a, b, c or d.
1- There .. some holiday jobs
a)is b)are c) am d) be
2- When the telephone rang, she _____ a letter.
a) was writing b) writes c) will write d) has written
3- To get a holiday job you . . at least 18.
a)must be b) be must c) must to d) must to be
4- I lived in Dubai . 2000 to 2010.
a)to b) from c) for d) at
5- He didnt get the job . he was too young.
a) but b) so c) and d) because
6- a large river runs . The city
a) during b) between c) through d) of
7- Fujairah is on the coast Al Gharbiya is in the desert.
a) Whereas b) to c) in d) from
8- Summer is .. season.
a) hot b) hotter c) the hottest c) hottest
9-. does the sun rise in Doha? At 6:30
a) Where b) When c) How d) What
10- The Jordanian people live in the north have ancient culture.
a) why b) which c)where d) who
11-What .? Is she a lawyer?
a) she does do b) does she do c) she do does d) does do she
12-They were ..for the bus.
a) waiting b) wait c) waited d) waits
13- He doesn't speak languages very _____.
a) best b) better c) well d) good
14-Would you like a coke?" "_____"
a}Yes, I do. b)Yes, I will. c) Yes, I does d)Yes, would
15-This car is _____.
a) my b) I c) me d) mine
Re-order the words to make correct sentences:
1-would like to you things sell ?
2-are if you skilled the get you job
3-more There in are the mountains east
4-Oman you Have visited ever ?
5- clerical My work brother does

IV. Writing (15 marks)
A- Fill in the missing letters :
1- Good jornalists are excellent writers and listeners.
2- Light.ing is beautiful to look at however it can be dangerous.
3- If you become a prefect, you get work skills in people man..gement.
4- scien.e is the study of how things work in the world.

B- Write three meaningful sentences about your future job :

C- write a paragraph about the weather in the UAE ( 80-100 words)
Hottest wettest decrease increase large coldest

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